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Yannis Yfantis is a Greek poet who is awarded with the Cavafy Award. He was born in 1949 in Raina near Agrinio in Aetolia-Acarnania. He was presented to the Thessaloniki Public Broadcasting with Elliniki kai pagkosmia poiisi (Ελληνική και παγκόσμια ποίηση = Greek And International Poetry) and Kata vathos to thema ine ena (Κατά βάθος το θέμα είναι ένα). His poems were translated into several languages including English.


  • Mystiki tis Anatolis (Μυστικοί της Ανατολής = Secrets From The East) (1980)
  • Ancient Edda (1983)
  • O Kathreftis tou Protea (Ο Καθρέφτης του Πρωτέα = The Mirror of Protea) (1986])
  • Naos tou Kosmou (Ναός του Κόσμου = The Temple Of The World) (1996)
  • O Kipos tis Poiisis (Ο Κήπος της Ποίησης = The Garden Of Poetry) (2000)
  • Arhetypa (Αρχέτυπα = Archetype) (2001)


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