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Yaohnanen is located in Vanuatu
Location in Vanuatu
Coordinates: 19°33′S 169°20′E / 19.550°S 169.333°E / -19.550; 169.333Coordinates: 19°33′S 169°20′E / 19.550°S 169.333°E / -19.550; 169.333
Country  Vanuatu
Province Tafea Province
Island Tanna
Time zone VUT (UTC+11)
Yaohnanen Tribesmen Show Pictures of 2007 Visit with Prince Philip.
Two Yaohnanen Tribesmen.
Yaohnanen Women Weaving and Nursing Their Children.
Yaohnanen Women Cooking While Watching Their Children.
Yaohnanen Children Playing a Traditional Game.

Yaohnanen, also spelled Ionhanen,[1] is a village located on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu,[1][2] at about 6 km south-east of the island main town, Lenakel.[3]

It is well known for the participation of its villagers in the Prince Philip Movement.[1][2]

Yaohnanen people were featured on the second season of the Spanish television series Perdidos en la Tribu (Lost in the Tribe), in which they lived with a Spanish family during the course of 21 days, teaching them their customs and culture[citation needed], and also in the first season of the same Portuguese series called Perdidos na Tribo.


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