Yaquis de Obregón

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Yaquis de Obregón
Yaquiscdo.jpg Yaquisinsignia.jpg
Team logo Cap insignia
LeagueMexican Pacific League
LocationCiudad Obregón
BallparkEstadio Yaquis (2016-Present) Estadio Tomás Oroz Gaytán (1971-2015)
Year founded1970
League championships(7) 1965–66, 1972–73, 1980–81, 2007–08, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13
Caribbean Series championships(2) 2011, 2013
ColorsOrange, blue, white
OwnershipClub de Baseball Obregón, S.A. de C.V[1]
ManagerSergio Gastélum
General ManagerRené Arturo Rodriguez Gomez

The Yaquis de Obregón is a Mexican baseball team of the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico ("Mexican Pacific (Baseball) League").


The team was founded on October 8, 1970, and its home stadium was Estadio Tomás Oroz Gaytán (1971-2015) in October 2016 the new stadium opens. They have been champions of the league on six occasions. The first time was at the 1965–1966 season with Manuel Magallón (Mexico) as coach. The next two occasions were on the 1972–1973 season (coach Dave Garcia, United States) and the 1980–1981 season (coach Lee Sigman, United States). On January 27, 2008 Yaquis won their fourth championship, defeating Venados de Mazatlán 4 games to 1, with Homar Rojas (México) as manager.

Managed by Eddie Díaz (Dominican Republic), the Yaquis won the 2010-11 championship, defeating Algodoneros de Guasave 4 games to 3, and went on to win the 2011 Caribbean Series contested in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The Yaquis won a second consecutive season after winning the 2011-2012 championship under Eddie Díaz (Dominican Republic). The Yaquis are the first team of the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico to win three straight championships. They won the 2012-2013 championship under Eddie Díaz (Dominican Republic) and went on to win the 2013 Caribbean Series, their second in three years. The 2013 Caribbean Series was the first to feature a final game after a Round-robin tournament. The final game lasted 18 inning ending at 2 am local time.

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Results from all seasons[edit]

Place Season
1st 2012–13
1st 2011–12
1st 2010–11
4th 2009–10
6th 2008–09
1st 2007–08
3rd 2006–07
7th 2005–06
4th 2004–05
2nd 2003–04
2nd 2002–03
6th 2001–02
3rd 2000–01
Place Season
7th 1999–00
6th 1998–99
8th 1997–98
5th 1996–97
8th 1995–96
6th 1994–95
6th 1993–94
4th 1992–93
6th 1991–92
3rd 1990–91
Place Season
9th 1989–90
5th 1988–89
8th 1987–88
10th 1986–87
9th 1985–86
7th 1984–85
4th 1983–84
10th 1982–83
4th 1981–82
1st 1980–81
Place Season
4th 1979–80
6th 1978–79
3rd 1977–78
6th 1976–77
2nd 1975–76
4th 1974–75
2nd 1973–74
1st 1972–73
4th 1971–72
3rd 1970–71
Place Season
4th 1969–70
2nd 1968–69
6th 1967–68
7th 1966–67
1st 1965–66
6th 1964–65
5th 1963–64
5th 1962–63
4th 1961–62
4th 1960–61
4th 1958–59


Yaquis de Obregón roster
Players Coaches


[1] updated on 11 December 2018





  • 40 Mexico Sergio Gastélum



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