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Yara Yavelberg (May 7, 1943 – August 20, 1971) was a Brazilian psychologist and university lecturer, member of the Brazilian resistance movement against the Brazilian military government. She was believed to have committed suicide in Salvador, Bahia in 1971, but a recent autopsy has shown that she has been murdered by security agents.[citation needed]


Yara Yavelberg was born in São Paulo. She was initially a passive supporter of the resistance movement, but eventually became a member of MR-8. She had a relationship with Carlos Lamarca, a Brazilian Army officer who deserted and became one of the most important leaders of the guerrilla movement that opposed the dictatorship. With the collapse of the guerrilla movement, Yavelberg and Lamarca fled to Bahia.


University of São Paulo's Psychology Institute paid a homage to Yavelberg, an alumnus of their Psychology School, by naming its academic center the Yara Yavelberg Academic Center.

She was a friend of current Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, who paid a tribute to her during the launch of her candidacy.[1]

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