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Yardena is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°34′0.11″N 35°33′49.68″E / 32.5666972°N 35.5638000°E / 32.5666972; 35.5638000Coordinates: 32°34′0.11″N 35°33′49.68″E / 32.5666972°N 35.5638000°E / 32.5666972; 35.5638000
Council Valley of Springs
Region Beit She'an Valley
Founded 1952
Founded by Immigrants from Kurdistan
Name meaning Jordana


Yardena (Hebrew: יַרְדֵּנָה) is a moshav in the Valley of Springs Region. in northeastern Israel. It is located on route 90, 12.6 kilometers north of the city of Beit She'an A school has been converted into the Center for Kurdistan Cultural Heritage. Two to three hour tours are given for groups of 30 to 120 people. The tour includes a guided tour of the artifacts displayed at the Center, Kurdish dance performances which can include visitors, and on site prepared Kurdish meal. Additionally, the moshav's farming activities can be visited along with the Jordanian border which the moshav abuts.

Yardena was founded in 1952 by immigrants to Israel from Iraqi Kurdistan. It is named "Yardena" (Jordan in Hebrew) because it is on the Jordan River

Yardena is also a Hebrew name