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Yare Prison[1] (Spanish: Prisión de Yare; officially: Prison of San Francisco de Yare) is a prison in San Francisco de Yare, in the Simon Bolivar Municipality of Miranda State in Venezuela. Like other prisons in Venezuela, it is known for its harsh conditions, mainly due to overcrowding and poor facilities. Nationally some 44,500 prisoners are housed in buildings designed for 15,000[2]

There are three groups of buildings: Yare I, II, and III. These centres are overpopulated. Yare I was designed to have 750 prisoners, but currently has about 1153.

Yare I was built in 1984; and Yare II between 1997 and 1998. The principal military involved in the coup of February 1992 against President Carlos Andrés Pérez were imprisoned here from 1992 until 1994, until President Rafael Caldera's pardon. While imprisoned here, Hugo Chávez, leader of the coup, wrote his manifesto "Cómo salir del laberinto".

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