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Yareli Arizmendi is a Mexican-American actor, writer, and director.

Arizmendi was born in Ciudad de México on April 24, 1964, and raised in the United States. Arizmendi received a BA in Political Science and her MFA in Theatre at University of California, San Diego.


Her most notable roles are as Rosaura in the film Like Water for Chocolate.[1] Her one-woman show Nostalgia Maldita: 1-900- Mexico was performed on a stairmaster. Moving through many characters Yareli details how she wound up on the other side of the border in her pursuit of Donny Osmond.[2] She also starred in the 2004 film A Day Without a Mexican which she wrote and produced with her husband Sergio Arau who directed it.

Arizmendi is best known for her tour de force performances in Like Water for Chocolate, the cult classic A Day Without a Mexican and Emmy-winning television shows such as Six Feet Under, Heroes, House, The Agency, 24, Medium, NYPD Blue and Chicago Hope.[citation needed]

She worked with Luis Valdez and Teatro Campesino and toured with Teatro de la Esperanza to Nicaragua. She translated and staged Latin American plays, as well as developed bilingual in-schools programs with The Old Globe Theater.

In 1995 Arizmendi received the Princess Grace Foundation Statuette Award for Outstanding Achievement and Professional Development from Princess Caroline of Monaco. Her PBS Series Nostalgia Maldita 1-900-Mexico is based on a one-woman show that received critical acclaim in the United States.

Recent work includes the motion pictures Don’t Let me Drown and AMERICA with Edward James Olmos. Arizmendi is also promoting the film Naco es Chido a movie destined to be a classic of Latin cinema.


Arizmendi is married to Sergio Arau whom she met on the set of Like Water for Chocolate.


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