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Genre Family
Created by A & B Productions
Written by Sameena Ejaz
Starring Samiya Mumtaz
Faisal Qureshi
Aijaz Aslam
Asif Raza Mir
Sadia Khan
Country of origin Pakistan
Running time 45–50 minutes (per episode)
Production company(s) A & B Productions
Original network Geo TV
Original release 14 June 2010 – 6 December 2010
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Yariyan is a drama serial made in Pakistan .The Story Revolves around three friends Babar (Faisal Qureshi ), Shah-Jahan (Aijaz Aslam) & Rida (Samiya Mumtaz). The serial is directed by Babar Javed and is produced by A & B Productions and High Entertainment. Retitled as Bhula Diya, it also aired in India on Zindagi.


A story about three friends and the twists and turns that life throws at them. Rida, Jahan and Babar are the best of friends. Thect that they come from three completely different backgrounds only serves to bring them closer together and complement each other in every aspect of life.

Jahan is a wealthy young man who loves to party and live life to the fullest. His biggest weakness in life is the fact that he has a soft spot for the ladies and always likes to have a new girl by his side.

However, although Jahan may seem all bright and bubbly on the surface, he does have a cross to bear. Jahan’s parents’ split up when he was young, and he now lives with his father and step mother. His relationship with them is far from perfect, as his father is hardly ever at home, while he can’t stand his step mother. This leaves Jahan feeling unwanted and looking to his friends for support, his closest ally being Babar.

Babar is a hardworking guy who has his feet firmly on the ground. After having been scarred for life during his childhood, because his mother left his father due to financial issues, Babar has deep psychological problems. For him, his friends are his only family and people he can rely on through thick and thin.

Rida meanwhile is a self–made young girl who has worked her way through college with a lot of dignity and self-respect. For Rida, life is all about living from the heart, and taking decisions on impulse rather than thinking them through logically. A trait her friends sometimes find it very hard to deal with.

‘Yariyan’ is the story of how Jahan, Rida and Babar’s friendship is tested as they go through life. Whether it’s Rida’s decision to marry an HIV patient; Jahan’s decision to let Babar look after his newly inherited family business; or the love of Babar’s life, who soon catches Jahan’s eye and becomes the reason he reforms himself; life’s twists and turns make all three friends question their friendship more than once.

A story full of lies, deceit, conspiracy, intrigue and how they all, at some point, come in the way of a deep and beautiful friendship.[1]



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