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Yarmouth may refer to:


in Canada
in the United Kingdom
in the United States



  • County of Yarmouth, a fully rigged ship
  • SS Great Yarmouth (1866), a freight ship built for the Great Eastern Railway
  • HMS Yarmouth, various British navy vessels
  • SS Yarmouth (1887), a steamship operating Nova Scotia and flagship of the Black Star Line
  • SS Yarmouth (1903), a steel-hulled steamship owned by the Great Eastern Railway
  • SS ''Yarmouth'' (1927), Queen of Nassau 1954, Yarmouth Castle 1957, San Andred 1966, Elizabeth A 1967 and scrapped in 1977, sister of the American steamship Evangeline, later Yarmouth Castle that burned in 1965
  • SS Yarmouth Castle (1927), American steamship Evangeline, sister ship of Yarmouth (1927), named Yarmouth Castle in 1964, burned and sank in 1965


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