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Yarnell Ice Cream Company was the privately owned and operated manufacturer of Yarnell's brand ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbet products. Founded in 1932, the company's corporate headquarters were located along the east side of Spring Park in downtown Searcy, Arkansas, with 11 branch operations throughout three states. The company was also the only independent ice cream company in Arkansas, where it commanded a large portion of the market share, competing against national and regional brands such as Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries.

Klinke Brothers Ice Cream Company in Memphis, Tennessee originally made the "Angel Food" brand products.[1] In 2006,[2] it had discontinued manufacturing the product,[1] and licensed the brand to Yarnell's. The Memphis Business Journal stated that "The Angel Food brand has been a longtime best seller in Tennessee, Mississippi and southwest Kentucky."[2] Klinke Brothers began focusing more on its Baskin Robbins franchising operations.[2]

Yarnell Ice Cream Co. ceased operations on June 30, 2011. Later that year, Chicago-based snack manufacturer Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. bought everything from recipes to its real estate for roughly $1.3 million. Yarnell's resumed operations under its new management in April 2012.[3]

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