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Temporal range: Ediacaran
Yarnemia acidiformis.jpg
reconstruction as a tunicate-like animal
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: ?Chordata
Subphylum: ?Tunicata
Genus: Yarnemia
Nesov in Chistyakov et al., 1984
Species: Y. ascidiformis
Nesov in Chistyakov et al., 1984
Binomial name
Yarnemia ascidiformis

Yarnemia ascidiformis is a fossil tentatively classified as a tunicate. While Y. ascidiformis looks similar to tunicates, the oldest unequivocal tunicate, Shankouclava[1] dates to the Cambrian period, while Y. ascidiformis is Ediacaran in age.[2][3]


The generic name Yarnemia comes from the village of Yarnema near which the first specimens were found. The specific name of the Y. ascidiformis refers to the likeness to ascidians.

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