Yarner Wood & Trendlebere Down

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Coordinates: 50°35′42.22″N 3°43′35.13″W / 50.5950611°N 3.7264250°W / 50.5950611; -3.7264250

Remains of the copper mine engine house in Yarner Wood

Yarner Wood & Trendlebere Down in Dartmoor, Devon, England is a woodland managed by Natural England. The woodland is part of the East Dartmoor Woods and Heaths National Nature Reserve.[1] The entire area is 777 acres (3.14 km2) while Yarner Wood is 365 acres (1.48 km2). Since 1985 the site has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.[2] Many types of tree grow in Yarner Wood including oak, birch, scots pine, larch and beech. It is home to buzzards, sparrow hawks, nightjars and pied flycatchers.[2][3]

From 1857 to 1862, a copper mine operated in Yarner Wood and extracted ore which gave over 2000 tonnes of copper.[4]

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