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Yaroslav II of Kiev

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Miniature from the Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible

Yaroslav II Iziaslavich[a] (died 1180) was Prince of Turov (1146), Novgorod (1148–1154), Lutsk (1154–1180) and Grand Prince of Kiev (1174–1175; 1180). He was the son of Iziaslav II of Kiev and Agnes Hohenstaufen and the brother of Mstislav II of Kiev.


After the murder of Andrey Bogolyubsky, Yaroslav's relatives managed to maneuver him into the Kievan throne. He contended with a senior relative, Sviatoslav Vsevolodivich, for over two years before Sviatoslav eventually won power for himself and became the uncontested ruler of Kiev.


He was married to Richeza, daughter Vladislaus II, King of Bohemia.

  • Ingvar Yaroslavich (?-1220), prince of Lutsk (1180-1220), Grand Prince of Kiev (1201-1202, 1203, 1204)
  • Vsevolod Yaroslavich (?-1209)
  • Iziaslav Yaroslavich (?-1195)
  • Mstislav the Mute (?-1226)
    • Ivan, prince of Lutsk and Chartoryisk


  1. ^ Russian: Ярослав Изяславич; Ukrainian: Ярослав Ізяславич


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Yaroslav II of Kiev
Born:  ???? Died: 1180
Titles in pretence
Preceded by Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Preceded by Grand Prince of Kiev
1174–1175, 1180
Succeeded by