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Yarovoy (masculine), Yarovaya (feminine), or Yarovoye (neuter) is a Russian name meaning "spring". It may refer to:


  • Lyubov Yarovaya - Soviet 1953 film (a 1956 play and the 1970 second film also)


  • Anna Yarovaya, student of Victor Merzhanov, Russian pianist
  • Elena Yarovaya, one of the founding members of DEREVO, a physical theater company
  • Irina Yarovaya, Russian politician, member of the State Duma
  • Vladimir Yarovoy, one of the leaders of Intermovement, a political movement in Soviet Estonia
  • Yury Yarovoy, Russian writer and journalist, author of Of the Highest Degree of Complexity, a novel inspired by the Dyatlov Pass incident

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Mikhail Yarovoy, a character in Lyubov Yarovaya played by Russian/Soviet actor Yevgeny Matveyev


  • Yarovoye Urban Okrug, a municipal formation which the town of krai significance of Yarovoye in Altai Krai, Russia is incorporated as
  • Yarovoy (inhabited locality) (Yarovaya, Yarovoye), several inhabited localities in Russia