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Background information
Birth nameYaser Bakhtiari
Also known asYas
Born (1982-06-20) June 20, 1982 (age 37)
OriginTalesh, Iran
GenresRap, Hip Hop
Occupation(s)Rapper, Songwriter
Years active1997–present
Associated actsAamin, Tech N9ne, DJ Aligator, Reza Sadeghi, Hichkas, Mita Maleki, Sirvan Khosravi, Erfan (rapper), Masih

Yaser Bakhtiari (Persian: یاسر بختیاری‎; born 1982 in Talesh), better known by his stage name Yas (یاس), is an Iranian rapper. Yas is one of the most popular rappers in Iran and Middle East. He is also known for his Faravahar pendant, a symbol of Iranian nationalism and Zoroastrianism, that he wears most of the time.[1][2][3] On December 21, 2011 Yas was chosen by the voters as the Artist of the Week in MTV IGGY[4] Entitled Tehran’s Hard-Hitting MC.[5]

Yas is one of the founders of Persian rap, and in 2013 he became the first Persian rap artist to be allowed to perform in Iran.[6]

Early life[edit]

Yas first began to listen to rap music at the age of 16 when his father returned from his business trip in Germany and brought him the latest Tupac album and other hip hop songs and he was heavily influenced by them. After the sudden death of his father, he was faced with the responsibility of becoming the primary caretaker of his household with his father's debts to pay.[7] Yas was forced to leave his college ambitions behind and begin to work and support his entire family. It was at this time that he began to write poetry which soon turned into lyrics for his music.[8]

Music career[edit]

Yas started his work after the 1997 earthquake in Iran. Devastated by the disaster, it was then, that he wrote his first song "Bam". This was the beginning of his rapping career. He realized that through rap music he had the ability to reach people by telling full stories that he thought was not easy to do through other forms of music which only consisted of a few versus and a chorus. Realizing that through his music, he had the ability to inspire people and reach millions of other young people in Iran.[9] Yas in 2006 made a song called CD Ro Beshkan (Break The Disk) which was written about a well known female actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi in Iran who was the victim of Sex scandal tape that was getting widespread. The scandal ultimately ended her blossoming career. In the song Yas criticizes the people for playing a role in her demise and asked everyone to stop spreading her shame and to get rid of that infamous footage from their computers and cellphones. The song hit a nerve among the Iranian youth and thousands wrote in and confessed that they went ahead and Broke that Disk. The song was listened to and downloaded by millions in Iran alone. His music has crossed the International waters and he is now fast becoming the voice of his generation For Iranians inside and outside of their country.[10]

Yas in 2008 made a song called Hoviate Man[my identity] describing his pride in his Iranian heritage and a mention of the controversial 300 film. The song has become sort of a national anthem for the younger generations especially the Iranian diaspora that are eager to connect to their rich culture and history. His music has set a new standard for Persian rap and has inspired many up and coming rappers to follow his lead and sing of more meaningful and positive messages in their own music and when he is not recording himself, you will find him collaborating with other musicians so that together they can introduce Persian rap to the world.[11] Yas in 2008 made and wrote a song named "Darkam Kon" (Understand me).This song was great and it was welcomed a lot among people who can't find jobs. Yas's music was a protest to the government and for poverty and people who can't find jobs and they are poor.

In 2011 Yas made a song called "Az Chi Begam" (What Can I Say)[12] which is a protest song for those schoolchildren who suffered from a fire in addition to injustice and misery, like their fellow countrymen. Yas’s voice rises against the negligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in providing substandard facilities[13], in this case a very old oil burning heater, which caused eight 7-year-old schoolchildren burned in Doroudzan village’s school disaster. Yas wrote and performed this song when popular Korean drama series Jumong kept the majority of Iran’s population preoccupied (or you could use distracted) that they did not notice the fire or the limitations a real Iranian artist has to tolerate. Yas presents the material circumstances of Iran in which production and importation are the monopoly of a small group of people, the ones in power, living in palaces and towers. He suggests that aristocrats maintain the status quo while the majority fall into the abyss of false consciousness through manipulation from selected entertainment productions. However, he selects his position as an artist trying to find a solution to social problems by creating his own art and literature. In 2013 he became the first rapper authorized to perform by the Iranian government.[14] In 2014 Yas decided to cooperate with Tech N9ne. The pair are the first rappers from Iran and the United States to work together musically. Their single was titled "The Sound of Unity" which was released this year along with a Music video.[15][16]


Yaser, who raps in Persian, states he was heavily influenced as a young man by Tupac Shakur albums brought back to Iran by his father, as well as the Classical Persian poetry especially Rumi. He is one of the few Persian rapper who do not use any swear words in their song[17] Yas theme songs is the social problems. Yas’ accomplishments paved the way for new rappers to perform in Iran. Though it was illegal for individuals to perform in Iran prior to Yas, today, numerous rappers are letting their voices be heard, and challenging the economic disparity that exists in Iran.[18]


Yas the symbol is Farvahar. He is one of the enthusiasts Cyrus the Great.



  • "Khiyabooni Ha" (The Streets) (2005)
  • ”Hoviate Man” (My Identity) (2007)



  • "Cheshmamouno Baz Konim" (We Should Open Our Eyes) (Ft N.I.M.I)


  • "Toos Rap" (Iran's Rap) (Ft 3Gz(F-jam & A-del & Tamin(Adel & Tahmineh & Farjam))(25 Band)
  • "Sakhte" (It's Hard) (Ft Nima Allameh Dahr)
  • "Goftam Naro" (I Said Don't Go) (Ft Reza Sadeghi)
  • "Zehi Eshgh" (Welldone Love) (Ft Sara Naeini)
  • Darkam Kon" (Understand Me)
  • "Be Donya Khosh Oomadi" (Welcome To The World)
  • "Bia Kenaram Beshin To" (Come Sit Next To Me) (Ft Sasan)
  • "Tamoomesh Kon"(Stop It)


  • "Haminja Piyadeh Misham"(I'll Get Out Right Here)
  • "To Marizi"(You're Crazy) (Ft Xaniar Khosravi & Sirvan Khosravi)
  • "Ba Man Bash" (Be With Me)
  • "Yadet Nareh" (Don't Forget) (Ft Majid Ghafouri)
  • "Entezar" (Wait)


  • "Nisti"(You're Not) (Ft Aamin Malek)
  • "Bekhatere Man" (For The Sake Of Me)
  • "Ghesseye Zirzamin" (The Story Of The Undergrounds) (Ft Arian Naeini(Nik Aeen(Good Procedure)Band) & Erwin Khachikian(Karmandan(Employees)Band) & The Ways(Kaveh Afagh & Hamed Ghannad & Alireza Pourreza & Iman Mohammadi & Pedram Azad (Pedram Bakht Azad))
  • "Vaghte Tolue Yas" (Yas Rising Time)


  • "Sarbaze Vatan" (Soldier of the Homeland)
  • "Az Chi Begam" (What Can I Say)


  • "Man Mijangam" (I’ll Fight On)
  • "Vaghte Raftan" (Time To Leave) (Ft Aamin Malek)
  • "Trash The Club" (Ft DJ Aligator(Ali Asghar Movasaat & Al Agami(Julius Robert Aleni Agami))


  • "Faryas (Faryad E Yas)" (Shout of Yas)
  • "Ammin(Amin)" (Amen) (Ft Aamin Malek)


  • "Man Edameh Midam" (I'll Continue)
  • "Sound Of Unity" (Sedaye Ettehad) (Ft Tech N9ne(Aaron Dontez Yates)
  • "Do Do Ta Chahar Ta" (2×2=4)
  • "Vasiat Nameh" (Wills)


  • "Free Style(Live Shomal)" (Norouz 94 Or Dar Rah Shomal)
  • "Bad Shodam" (I've Become Bad)
  • "Mosafer" (Passenger)
  • "Hamechi Dorost Mishe" (Everything Will Be Fine)
  • "Zende Bad Iran" (Long Live Iran)
  • "Dardo Del" (Chat)
  • "Charsoo" (Crossroad)
  • "Dige Nist" (No More She Is Here)
  • "Speak" (Ft John D & Arsha Michaels)


  • "Barcode" (Song Barcode Movie)
  • "Boghz Yani" (Spite Means) ("Ft Aamin Malek")
  • "Nameyi Be Farzand" (Letter To A Child)


  • "Sarkoob" (Suppression) (Long Version)


  • "Bande Naaf Ta Khatte Saaf" (From Cord To Smooth Line) (Ft Moer)


  • ”Esalat ” (Gentility) (Ft Moer)
  • ”Sefareshi” (Special Request)

Music videos[edit]

  • Bezarin Bokoshamesh (Let Me Kill Him)
  • Bi To Dige Na Aslan (Never without you) (Ft Aamin)
  • Raaz(Mano To) (The secret between me and you) (Ft Sasan)
  • Ghesseye Zirzamin (Underground Story) (Ft The Ways & Arad Aria & Erwin Khachikian(Karmandan(Employees)Band & Arian Naeini(Nik Aeen(Good Procedure)Band)
  • Bekhatere Man (For my sake)
  • Sarbaze Vatan (Homeland Soldier)
  • Trash The Club (Ft Dj Aligator & Al Agami)
  • Az Chi Begam (What Can I Say)
  • Vaghte Raftan (Time To Leave) (Ft Aamin)
  • Faryas (Faryad E Yas) (Shout Of Yas)
  • Sound Of Unity (Sedaye Ettehad) (Ft Tech N9ne)
  • Mosafer (Passenger)
  • Hamechi Dorost Mishe (Everything Will Be Fine)
  • Nameyi Be Farzand (Letter To A Child)
  • Bande Naaf Ta Khatte Saaf (From An Umbilical Cord To A Smooth Line) (Ft Moer)
  • ”Sefareshi” (Special Request)


Yas has been interviewed by the media, including CNN,[19] BBC and The Guardian.[20] He also signed a contract with an American music publishing company Modiba. IEvergreen Publishing is also the home of the late Tupac Shakur catalogue who has granted permission for a mashup song between Yas and Tupac to show how hip hop can help bridge the cultural divide between us.


  • United States (University of Michigan), (San Francisco), (California) (Los Angeles) (Yale University)
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • England (London)
  • Australia (Melbourne)
  • Turkey (Istanbul)


  • Rock On (documentary)
  • Paparazzi (documentary)
  • Raad,A Woman's Story (movie)


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