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Yasin Said Numan (Arabic: ياسين سعيد نعمان‎; born 1948)[1] is the General Secretary of the Yemeni Socialist Party.

Numan joined the Yemeni National Front, which later became the Yemeni Socialist Party, when he was 17.[2] In 1986 he became the Prime Minister of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen from February 1986[3] until Yemeni unification in 1990, under Chairman Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas, who preceded Numan as Prime Minister. Numan had previously been Minister of Fisheries and Deputy Prime Minister.[3]

After the Unification of Yemen Numan became the interim Speaker of Parliament, until the parliamentary election of 1993 when he was replaced by Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar.[2] He became the General Secretary of the Yemeni Socialist Party in 2005.[4]

During the Yemeni Revolution of 2011, Numan was critical of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and supported a plan by the GCC for Saleh to step down.[5] He escaped from an assassination attempt in August 2012, he was one of several Socialist Party politicians targeted during 2012.[6]


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Prime Minister of South Yemen
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