Yasir Abbasi

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Yasir Abbasi
Yasir Abbasi.jpg
Born (1978-11-16) November 16, 1978 (age 38)
Occupation Cinematographer

Best Cinematography Award, Fulmarxx Shorts Fest (2008)

Certificate of Merit for Best Cinematography, IDPA Awards (2011)

Yasir Abbasi (born 16 November 1978) is a Director of Photography from India. After completing his initial schooling from Gorakhpur and Lucknow, he completed his Masters in Mass Communication from Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia in 2002. Based out of New Delhi, he shoots documentaries, short films, and ad films. His debut as a producer was the multiple award-winning short film Good Night (2008), directed by Geetika Narang.


Starting out with shooting documentaries, he did a spate of social films with organizations from all over the world like Save the Children and CARE. After having shot for travelogues and wildlife films for television channels like Discovery Channel and Channel 4, he made his debut in production with the short film Good Night, directed by Geetika Narang. The film won him the "Best Cinematography Award" at the Fulmarxx Shorts Fest. The film also won the Silver Lamp Tree Award in the Short Film Center section of the International Film Festival of India (2008) and the Best Short Film Award at the Indo-American Arts Council film festival in New York. He won the "Certificate of Merit for Best Cinematography" at the IDPA Awards (2011) for A Drop of Sunshine, directed by Aparna Sanyal.


  • The Story of Yoga (2015)
  • Much Ado About Knotting (2012)
  • A Drop of Sunshine (2011)
  • Narmada: Power to the People (2011)
  • School Solution (2010)
  • The Miracle Water Village (2010)
  • Good Night (2008)
  • Music of the Sidis: An African Bridge to India (2008)
  • Ayodhya Gatha (2007)
  • The House Remembers (2007)
  • Chhattisgarh: The Tribal Planet (2006)
  • The Great Indian Wedding (2006)
  • Sirf Jhaag (2006)

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