Yasmin (1955 film)

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Yasmin 1955.jpg
Directed byAbdur Rashid Kardar
Produced byAbdur Rashid Kardar
Written byStory: Abdur Rashid Kardar
Dialogue: Jagdish Kanwal & S. N. Banerjee
Music byC. Ramchandra
CinematographyDwarka Divecha
Edited byM. S. Hajee
Kardar Studio
Distributed byMusical Pictures
Release date

Yasmin (Hindi: यास्मिन) is a 1955 Hindi Black-and-white Costume drama, written, produced and directed by Abdur Rashid Kardar. The film starred Vyjayanthimala in the title role, with Suresh in the lead, while Jayant, Rashid Khan, Maruti Rao, S. N. Banerjee, Shyam Kumar and Rajan Haksar form an ensemble cast. The film was produced at Kardar Studio. The film's score was composed by C. Ramchandra duo, with lyrics provided by Jan Nisar Akhtar. Editing was done by M. S. Hajee and it was filmed by Dwarka Divecha with the audiography done by Ishan Ghosh. The story is about Ahmad, who is in love with Yasmin.


A powerful and princely Sheikh lives in 18th Century Persia, makes a living renting out properties, and recovering taxes and dues on them. He lives in a palatial house with his wife, Zubeda, and son, Ahmad. When Ahmad grows up, Zubeda notices that he is spending too much time with women in their harem, and wants his father to get him involved in their business. Sheikh accordingly instructs Ahmad to collect all revenue, which he does so. A few days later, Sheikh is informed that Ahmad has been spending time with a friend named Farid, and is romantically involved with a dancing girl named Yasmin. A visibly upset Sheikh accordingly warns Ahmad to mend his ways, give up on Yasmin and return home, where he has planned his marriage with Nadira, the daughter of Amir Qasim. Ahmad does return home, but refuses to marry Nadira, and runs away from home to be close to Yasmin, knowing fully well that Yasmin is connected with a group of gypsy thugs, who use her charms to lure wealthy young men to extract a ransom. And Ahmad knows that his enraged father will also challenge him to a duel - a duel unto death - that will ensure a death in his family.



The film's soundtrack was composed by C. Ramchandra, with the lyrics penned by Jan Nisar Akhtar.[1] The album was one of the last albums that feature Lata Mangeshkar with C. Ramchandra; they parted their ways after the film.[2]

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss) Notes
1 "Mujhpe Ilzam-E-Bewafai Hai"[1] Lata Mangeshkar Jan Nisar Akhtar 03:21 Featuring actress Vyjayanthimala
2 "Ankhon Mein Sama Jao"[1] Lata Mangeshkar Jan Nisar Akhtar 03:24 Featuring actress Vyjayanthimala
3 "Tum Apni Yaad Bhi Dil Se" Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mahmood Jan Nisar Akhtar 03:30 Featuring actress Vyjayanthimala and Suresh
4 "Bechain Nazar Betab Jigar"[1] Talat Mahmood Jan Nisar Akhtar 03:46 Featuring actor Suresh


Filmfare Awards


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