Yasmine Hamdan

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Yasmine Hamdan
Yasmien Hamdan Berlin Nov 2013.jpg
Background information
Born 1976
Origin Lebanon
Genres Electronica, Trip hop, Arabic
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actress
Years active 1997–present
Associated acts Soapkills
Yasmine Hamdan Concert in Beirut,June 2015
Yasmine Hamdan
At Aarhus Festival 2015 (Denmark)
(Photo Hreinn Gudlaugsson)

Yasmine Hamdan is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and actress, now based in Paris. She became known with Soapkills, the duo she founded with Zeid Hamdan (no relation) while she was still living in Beirut. The first album released by Soapkills was Bater (1999).[1] Soapkills was one of the very first independent electronic bands in the Middle East, and its innovative approach exerted a lasting influence. To this day, Yasmine Hamdan is considered an icon of underground music across the Arab world.[2][3]

After moving to Paris, Hamdan collaborated with CocoRosie. She teamed up with Mirwais (who was part of French electronic new wave band Taxi Girl in the 80s, and produced/co-wrote some of Madonna's albums), with whom she recorded the Arabology album (2008), under the Y.A.S. moniker.

Hamdan then joined forces with Marc Collin (of Nouvelle Vague) to write and produce her first, self-titled solo album, which came out in France and Lebanon in 2012 on Kwaidan Records), and was released internationally (in a revised version with five new tracks) in 2013 by Crammed Discs under the title Ya Nass. In this album, which blends pop, folk and electronic sounds with melodies and lyrics inspired by various Middle-Eastern traditions, Hamdan "has undertaken the challenge of affirming and rewriting Arabic musical heritage", according to the Al-Akhbar paper.[4] Her personal life (she has lived in Lebanon, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Greece and France) and her curiosity have enabled Hamdan to playfully use various dialects of Arabic in her lyrics, which alternate between Lebanese, Kuwaiti, Palestinian, Egyptian and Bedouin, as well as some of the code-switching which is so typical of Middle-Eastern humour.[5][6][7]

Yasmine Hamdan had a cameo in Jim Jarmusch's film[8] Only Lovers Left Alive alongside Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. She has written an original soundtrack for the theatre play Rituel pour une métamorphose by Syrian playwright Saadallah Wannous for a production at Comédie Française.[9]

She is married to the Palestinian film director and actor Elia Suleiman.


Film music[edit]

Aräbology by Y.A.S.[edit]

Released in June 2009, "Arabology" was recorded in collaboration with Mirwais. The album contains 12 songs:

  1. Arabology
  2. Get it right
  3. Yaspop
  4. Oloulou
  5. Da
  6. Azza
  7. Coit me
  8. Ma rida
  9. Gamil
  10. Fax
  11. Mahi
  12. A Man

Yasmine Hamdan[edit]

The first version of Yasmine Hamdan's first solo album, released in April 2012 (only in France and Lebanon) on Marc Collin's label Kwaidan records.

  1. In Kan Fouadi
  2. Beirut
  3. Samar
  4. Baaden
  5. Ya Nass
  6. Irss
  7. Nediya
  8. Nag
  9. Shouei
  10. La Mouch
  11. Bala Tantanat
  12. Zarani [Pre-Order Only]
  13. Khalas [Pre-Order Only]

Ya Nass[edit]

The international version of Yasmine Hamdan's first solo album, out in April 2013 on Crammed Discs, and containing 5 new songs.

  1. Deny
  2. Shouei
  3. Samar
  4. Enta Fen, Again
  5. La Mouch
  6. Nediya
  7. Beirut
  8. Aleb
  9. Bala Tantanat
  10. In Kan Fouadi
  11. Hal
  12. Khayyam
  13. Ya Nass
  14. Khalas (iTunes only)
  15. Zarani (iTunes only)


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