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Yasmine Pahlavi
Crown Princess of Iran
Born (1968-07-26) 26 July 1968 (age 48)
Tehran, Iran
Spouse Reza Pahlavi
Issue Princess Noor
Princess Iman
Princess Farah
Full name
English: Yasmine
Persian: یاسمین‎‎
House House of Pahlavi
Father Abdullah Etemad-Amini
Mother Forough Eftekhari
Religion Shia Islam

Yasmine Pahlavi (née Etemad-Amini, 26 July 1968; Persian: یاسمین پهلوی‎‎) is a lawyer and the wife of Reza Pahlavi, the last crown prince of the former Imperial State of Iran.


Yasmine Etemad-Amini was born in Pars Hospital in Zanjan, Iran, on July 26, 1968.[1] She attended the private Tehran Community School in Tehran until the rising tensions in the late 1970s forced her family to leave Iran permanently. They settled in the San Francisco area in California where she attended and matriculated Notre Dame High School.

She is a graduate of George Washington University, obtaining a B.A. in Political Science, and Doctorate in Jurisprudence from its Law School. She is a member of the Maryland Bar Association.[1]

Princess Yasmine worked for ten years as a staff attorney for Children's Law Center in Washington, DC, representing the rights of at-risk and underprivileged youth.[2] She was also the Co-Founder and a Director of the Foundation for the Children of Iran.[3] Founded in 1991, the purpose of the Foundation was and remains to provide health care services to Iranian children or children of Iranian origin regardless of race, color, creed, religious or political affiliation.[4] Princess Yasmine resigned her leadership role and any affiliation with the Foundation on 11 February 2014.[5]

Marriage and children[edit]

Iranian Imperial Family
Imperial Coat of Arms of Iran.svg
  • HIH The Crown Prince
    HIH The Crown Princess
    • HIH Princess Noor
    • HIH Princess Iman
    • HIH Princess Farah

HIM Empress Farah

HIH Prince Gholam Reza

  • HIH Prince Bahram
    HIH Princess Iman
  • HIH Prince Bahman
    HIH Princess Shohreh
    • HIH Princess Nazbanoo
  • HIH Princess Maryam
  • HIH Princess Azardokht

  • HIH Prince Patrick Ali
    HIH Princess Sounia Maryam
    • HIH Prince Davoud
      • HIH Princess Solvène
    • HIH Prince Houd
    • HIH Prince Muhammad Yunes

Styles of
Crown Princess Yasmine of Iran
Imperial Coat of Arms of Iran.svg
Reference style Her Imperial Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial Highness
Alternative style Ma'am

Yasmine married Reza Pahlavi on June 12, 1986,[6] and the couple has three daughters:

  1. Noor Pahlavi, born (1992-04-03) 3 April 1992 (age 24)
  2. Iman Pahlavi, born (1993-09-12) 12 September 1993 (age 23)
  3. Farah Pahlavi, born (2004-01-17) 17 January 2004 (age 12)

The family lives in exile in the United States. Princesses Noor and Iman are attending universities in the United States, and Princess Farah is enrolled in secondary school in the United States as well.


Yasmine Pahlavi has been a vocal supporter of the democracy movement in Iran, appearing at several pro-democracy rallies occurring after the 2009 election upheaval in Iran.[7][8]


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Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Farah Pahlavi
Empress Consort of Iran
12 June 1986 – present
Reason for succession failure:
Monarchy abolished in 1979