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Yasser Abdel Rahman is a composer[1] and son of Egyptian writer the late Abdel-Rahman Fahmi author of the series in the fall of Be'er Sheva. He began studying music at an early age and joined the Institute of Arab Music Academy of Arts.

He specializes in playing the violin, having learnt at the hands of numerous experts from the music of foreigners in Egypt at that time as well as other music teachers in Egypt, including: Hassan Sharara expert classical violin and Mr. Ahmed Hefnawi Mr. Abdel Fattah, professor Saad Khairi and Mohammed Hassan

Received a bachelor's degree in music appreciation "the" privilege in 1983, and decided to management of the Institute appointed by the dean of the violin. And received a doctorate in music composition from Germany. First work was in 1990:

Series Alosep Egyptian citizen and a movie Which he received the award Cairo International Film Festival


  • Honored in 2005 from the Arab Music Festival Makram to become the youngest in the history of the festival as a symbol of music in Egypt.
  • Award of the Egyptian cinema Cairo International Film Festival in 1990 for the film emperor.
  • Award for best soundtrack of the Alexandria International Film Festival 1994 on Axaam film on a very hot
  • In the same year he received the award for best soundtrack of the Motion Picture Association's annual festival at its twentieth session for the film El Basha.
  • Award for best soundtrack of the Alexandria Film Festival Eleventh International in 1995 for the film amends.
  • Award for best soundtrack of the Festival of Radio and Television in 1995 for the film the way to Eilat.
  • Award for best soundtrack of the Twelfth National Festival of Egyptian cinema in 1996 for the film Ya Donia Ya Grammy author Mohamed Helmy Helal.
  • Honored by the Cairo International Film Festival in recognition of excellence in the tender soundtracks on a percentage of Egyptian cinema.
  • Award for best soundtrack in the largest rally for a referendum on Nile TV drama between 2000 and 2002.
  • Award for best soundtrack of the Egyptian art of cinema for the film Days of Sadat in 2002.
  • Won for best mascot creativity composer 2003.
  • Innovation Award medal and a certificate of appreciation and a cash prize of eight pounds of gold.
  • The prize for best soundtrack in a drama festival of radio and television from the series the night and so on.
  • Best music for the years 2004 and 2005 in Asfat the Middle East.
  • Invited the musician Yasser Abdel-Rahman to lead the Philharmonic orchestra of Italy in 2009
  • Oscar-winner Egyptian cinema for a film of good music and a disco in 2009


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