Yasser al-Azma

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Yasser al-Azma
ياسر العظمة
Yasser al-Azma.JPG
Yasser al-Azma 2013
Born (1942-05-16) 16 May 1942 (age 75)
Damascus, Syria
Occupation Actor, screenwriter

Yasser al-Azma (Arabic: ياسر العظمة‎‎; born 16 May 1942) is a prominent Syrian writer and actor of television, film, and stage. al-Azma was born in the Syrian capital of Damascus. The Syrian actor started his career acting on stage. al-Azma later acted in his first films. al-Azma achieved stardom when he started work on the Maraya (Arabic for Mirrors), one of the longest-running Arabic television comedy series, in the mid-1980s. al-Azma played leading roles in Maraya and took part in the writing of the series.[1] al-Azma has often satirized Arab societies and governments with their anti-American attitudes in the series.[2] Although al-Azma has had several other television roles, he is best remembered for his roles in Maraya. al-Azma won three awards in three different occasions in the Cairo International Film Festival for his roles in Maraya, in addition to an honorary award from the Arab Actor's Guild.[3]


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