Yassou Maria

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"Yassou Maria"
Sarbel yassou alt.JPG
International cover
Single by Sarbel
from the album Sahara: Euro Edition
Released March 7, 2007
Format CD Single
Recorded 2007
Genre Laïko, dance-pop
Length 12:55
Label Sony BMG Greece/Columbia
Producer(s) Alex Papaconstantinou and Marcus Englöf
Sarbel singles chronology
"Se Pira Sovara"
"Yassou Maria"
"Se Pira Sovara"
"Yassou Maria"
Audio sample
Alternate covers
Greek cover
Greek cover
Greece "Yassou Maria"
Eurovision Song Contest 2007 entry
Alex Papakonstantinou, Marcus Englöf
Finals performance
Final result
7th [1]
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Everything" (2006)   
"Secret Combination" (2008) ►

Yassou Maria (Greek: Γειά σου Μαρία) is the song that was sung by Sarbel, who represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. It was released as a CD single on March 7, 2007 by Sony BMG Greece. The title track is composed by Alex Papaconstantinou and Marcus Englöf with lyrics by "Mack". Yassou Maria went gold in Greece on the June 7, 2007.[2]

Before Eurovision[edit]

Before Eurovision, ERT put together a national final to pick the song and singer to represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. They picked Sarbel, Tamta, and Christos Dantis.

Sarbel enlisted the help of popular Swedish-Greek composer Alex Papakonstantinou who is responsible for big hits by Elena Paparizou.

At the national final, Sarbel was accompanied on stage by four female dancers, with blue lights and fire in the background. He wore black leather pants and a silver shirt. The choreography was complex which led with some problems with his microphone.

The public chose the song as the winner voting 44.45% while the Jury also appointed him the winner giving him 17.46%. All together, he got an average of 39.69% votes.

By order performed:

National Final - February 28, 2007
Singer Song Composer - Lyricist Televoting - SMS (50%) Jury (50%) Total Place
1 Sarbel "Yassou Maria" Alex Papaconstantinou, Marcus Englof & Mack 44.45% 17.46% 39.69% 1
2 Tamta "With Love" Nikos Terzis & Posidonas Giannopoulos 23.60% 17.22% 29.02% 3
3 Christos Dantis "No Madonna" Christos Dantis & Natalia Germanou 31.95% 15.31% 31.29% 2

The CD single was released on March 7, 2007 in Greece and Cyprus by Sony BMG Greece. It includes a duet by Swedish singer Cameron, as well as a remixed song and a Greeklish Version of Yassou Maria. It reached the top position in both countries, being certified gold in Greece.


He has visited Istanbul and Sweden. In Istanbul, he visited the markets with huge success of commercial for his song. In Sweden he came bringing with him T-shirts, hats and Cd's for the Greek immigrants in Sweden. He has performed in a famous Swedish bar, and has been shown around Stockholm.

At Eurovision[edit]

Sarbel at Eurovision 2007 Final in Helsinki, Finland

The song and singer chosen competed in the Eurovision Final in Helsinki, Finland on May 12, 2007. Greece were not required to sing in the semi-final as Anna Vissi, Greece's entry at the 2006 contest, reached ninth place.

During a draw, Greece was assigned a running order of 10 in the contest. Sarbel appeared after 4 ballads, and before 1 disco song. He went on stage with 4 girls with short dresses. They used the same dance routine as the Greek National Final, but with minor changes. Those changes included the end part, which used ribbons attached to the girls' skirts during the end bridge, with Sarbel as sort of a puppeteer. Later the ribbons were used to make a heart around Sarbel and the girls at the very end.

Greece's entry for the 2007 contest finished in 7th place, 1 point ahead of Armenia and 6 points behind Belarus

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Yassou Maria"
  2. "Mi Chica" (Greek/English/Spanish mix version) - [Duet with Persian singer Cameron]
  3. "Yassou Maria" (Greeklish Version)
  4. "Enas Apo Mas" (Anyone of Us-A Stupid Mistake) [Holiday Mix by Dimitris Kontopoulos]


Chart (2007) Peak
UK Singles Chart[3] 74
Greek Singles Chart (IFPI) 1 Gold
Cyprus Airplay Chart 1


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