Yasuhiro Morinaga

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Yasuhiro Morinaga
森永 泰弘
Yasuhiro Morinaga in August 2012
Yasuhiro Morinaga in August 2012
Background information
Born (1980-08-01) August 1, 1980 (age 40)
GenresField recording, experimental music, ethnographic film
Occupation(s)Sound designer, composer of musique concrète, ethnographic filmmaker
Years active2007-present

Yasuhiro Morinaga (森永 泰弘, Morinaga Yasuhiro, born August 1, 1980) is a sound designer, music director, and independent filmmaker. He is director of the ethnographic media production label Concrete.[1] Morinaga specializes in recording and documenting the music of different parts of the world and has published number of recordings. By using the recording material and understanding its cultural contexts, Morinaga creates and produces installations, audiovisual works and the performances.

Morinaga works as a sound designer and music director for the feature films, documentaries, performing arts, cooperate installations, collaborating with artists and the companies around the world. Morinaga often gives workshop and series of lecture for sound in different disciplines at different institutions, universities and the public spaces.

Media Performances[edit]

  • SETAN JAWA (2019)
  • GONG ex Machina (2018)
  • Marginal gongs (2016)
  • Message from a Medicine Man (2016)
  • A Widow in Batavia (2015)
  • Irpinia Soundscape Italy (2011)
  • Invisible Cities Italy (2011)


Filmography (Sound Designer & Music Director)[edit]

  • 2020: Edge of Daybreak (Dir: Taiki Sakipisit,Thailand)
  • 2019: Science of Fictions (Dir: Yosep Anggi Noen, Indonesia)
  • 2017: Seen and Unseen (Dir: Kamila Andini, Indonesia)
  • 2017: Mawari KAGURA (Dir: Mirai Osawa, Japan)
  • 2016: Uzu (Dir: Gaspard Kuentz, France&Japan)
  • 2016: ANASTASIS (Dir: Faozan Rizal, Tony Broer, Indonesia)
  • 2016: YAMATO(California) (Dir: Daisuke Miyazaki, Japan)
  • 2015: Discovery of the Film - Toshio Matsumoto (Dir: Takefumi Tsutsui, Japan)
  • 2014: 9/5 (Omnibus Films with Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China)
  • 2013: The One (Dir: Ichiro Yamamoto, Japan)
  • 2011: Guilty of Romance (Dir: Sion Sono, Japan)
  • 2011: A Boy inside the Boy (Dir:Saburo Teshigawara, Japan)
  • 2010: A Lonely Planet (Dir: Takefumi Tsutsui, Japan)
  • 2009: Earth (Dir: Ho Tzu Nyen, Singapore)
  • 2009: Karaoke (Dir: Chris Chong Chan Fui, Malaysia)
  • 2008: Block B (Dir: Chris Chong Chan Fui, Malaysia)
  • 2007: A Bao A Qu(Dir: Naoki Kato, Japan)

Contemporary dance and theater (Music Director)[edit]

  • 2021: The Threshold (with Kenta Kojiri)
  • 2020: UrFear as a part of Multitude of Peer Gynts (with Theater GARASI)
  • 2019: Peer Gynts (with Theater GARASI)
  • 2019: The Seen and Unseen (with Kamila Andini)
  • 2018: The extremities of a Surface (with Mandeep Raikhy)
  • 2018: MEDIUM (with RIANTO)
  • 2017: Self-Portrait ( with Kenta Kojiri)
  • 2017: Surface & Destroy (with Kenta Kojiri / Yoko Seyama)
  • 2016: Queen-Size (with Mandeep Raikhy/India)
  • 2014: To belong -Suwung- (with Akiko Kitamura/Japan and Indonesia)
  • 2014: SHELL (with Kana Ote/Japan)
  • 2014: 10000 Tigers (with Ho Tzu Nyen/Singapore)
  • 2014: UTÉRUS (Foofwa D'Imobilité/Switzerland)
  • 2013: To belong -cyclonicdream- (with Akiko Kitamura/Japan and Indonesia)
  • 2013: Male and has a straight antenna (with Mandeep Reikhy/India)
  • 2012: To belong -dialogue- (with Akiko Kitamura/Japan and Indonesia)


Archival albums[edit]

Field Recording Series[edit]


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