Yasuri Yamileth

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Yasuri Yamileth
Created byKatherine Severino

Yasuri Yamileth is a fictional character created by Panamanian model and radio producer Katherine Severino who works sometimes on the Panamanian radio station "Los 40 Principales".

Viral Renditions[edit]

The Panamanian reggaeton TV show Sin Censura ('Without Censorship'), acquired the rights so that they could make a video. Catherine didn't want to star in the video and she said[citation needed] her image is not in any way like the character the song is about. The producers of the video went directly to the Panamanian ghetto of El Chorrillo, mentioned in the song, and recruited a woman who they thought fit the image of the song. The original video is under 2 minutes and exploded in popularity over a short span (June–August 2006, as tracked by YouTube stats). At last count, the original video had been watched over 500,000 times (not counting the same video of other users).

Multiple parodies of the original video have sprung up including the Miami Unplugged version depicting a group of drunk Venezuelan males in women's underwear and shaving using Gillette razors