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Вокзал станції Ясинувата-Пасажирська.jpg
Flag of Yasynuvata
Coat of arms of Yasynuvata
Coat of arms
Yasynuvata is located in Donetsk Oblast
Location of Yasynuvata
Yasynuvata is located in Ukraine
Yasynuvata (Ukraine)
Coordinates: 48°7′40″N 37°51′45″E / 48.12778°N 37.86250°E / 48.12778; 37.86250
 • Total19 km2 (7 sq mi)
 • Total37,600

Yasynuvata (Ukrainian: Ясинувата; Russian: ЯсиноватаяYasinovataya) is a city in Donetsk Oblast (province) of south-eastern Ukraine. Administratively, it is incorporated as a city of oblast significance. It also serves as the administrative center of the Yasynuvata Raion, though it does not belong to the raion. It is located 21 km from Donetsk, the administrative center of the Donetsk Oblast. Yasynuvata is a large railway crossroad. Its population is approximately 35,166 (2017 est.)[1].


Starting mid-April 2014 pro-Russian separatists captured several towns and cities across in Donetsk and Luhansk Districts;[2][3] including Yasynuvata.[4] On 17 August 2014, Ukrainian forces reportedly took the city from the pro-Russian separatists.[5] But fighting for control of the city continued.[6] On 19 August Ukrainian troops claimed they were clearing Yasynuvata of remaining separatist forces after its victory ("conducting a mopping-up operation").[7] Despite these claims Yasynuvata was kept under control by the pro-Russian separatists Donetsk People's Republic.[8]

Due to the war situation railway operation has ceased in 2014.[9]

According to the OSCE the area between Yasynuvata and neighboring Ukrainian army controlled Avdiivka is one of the hotspots of the War in Donbass.[10][8][11]


As of the 2001 Ukrainian census:[12]

  • Ukrainians: 68.9%
  • Russians: 28.7%
  • Belarusians: 0.6%
  • Armenians: 0.4%

Notable people[edit]


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