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2005-10-13 Yat-Kha Live in Frankfurt.jpg
Yat-Kha playing live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October 13, 2005
Background information
Origin Tuva, Russia
Genres Folk rock, tuvan music, overtone singing, ethnic electronica, heavy metal,
Years active 1991–present
Associated acts Huun-Huur-Tu
Website http://www.yat-kha.ru/en/
Members Albert Kuvezin and others
Past members Ivan Sokolovsky and many others

Yat-Kha is a band from Tuva, led by vocalist/guitarist Albert Kuvezin. Their music is a mixture of Tuvan traditional music and rock, featuring Kuvezin's distinctive kargyraa throat singing style, the kanzat kargyraa.


Yat-Kha was founded in Moscow in 1991, as a collaborative project between Kuvezin and Russian avant-garde, electronic composer Ivan Sokolovsky. The project blended traditional Tuvan folk music with post-modern rhythms and electronic effects. Kuvezin and Sokolovsky toured and played festivals, and eventually took the name “Yat-Kha,” which refers to a type of small, Central Asian zither similar to the Mongolian yatga and the Chinese guzheng, which Kuvezin plays in addition to the guitar. In 1993, they released a self-titled album on the General Records label.

After the release of Yat-Kha, Kuvezin and Sokolovsky parted creative ways and Kuvezin went on to release five other albums under the name Yat-Kha with other musicians (and less of an emphasis on electronics), beginning with Yenisei Punk in 1995, with morin khuur player Alexei Saaia (produced by Lu Edmonds). Sokolovsky issued a remastered version of the Yat-Kha album, with additional tracks, under the title Tundra's Ghosts in 1996/97.

Since 2001, they have been performing a live soundtrack to Vsevolod Pudovkin's 1928 silent film Storm Over Asia. They may release a DVD of this version of the film with Reality Film.

In 2010, the project released a new album, Poets and Lighthouses, recorded on the Scottish island of Jura with producer Giles Perring. It reached Number 1 on the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE) in January 2011.



  • Priznak Gryadushchei Byedy (1991)
  • Khanparty (1992)
  • Yat-Kha (1993)
  • Yenisei Punk (1995)
  • Tundra's Ghosts (1996/97) - remastered version of Yat-Kha released by Ivan Sokolovsky)
  • Dalai Beldiri (1999)
  • Aldyn Dashka (2000)
  • Bootleg (2001, live)
  • tuva.rock (2003)
  • Re-Covers (2005)
  • Bootleg 2005 (2005, live)
  • Poets and Lighthouses (2010)




Appearing on Poets and Lighthouses with Albert Kuvezin (Voice, Acoustic Guitar)[edit]


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