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For a listed company in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, please refer to Yatai Group.
Yatai in the summer festival[1]

A yatai (屋台?) is a small, mobile food stall in Japan typically selling ramen or other food. The name literally means "shop stand".[2][3]

The stall is set up in the early evening on pedestrian walkways and removed late at night or in the early morning hours before commuters begin to fill the streets.[citation needed] Menus are usually limited; Japanese cuisine is most common, but Chinese and Western cuisine yatai are not unknown.[citation needed] Beer, sake, and shōchū are usually available. A salaryman might relax with colleagues over dinner and drinks at a yatai on his way home from work.[citation needed]

Fukuoka is well-known within Japan for having many yatai.[4]

A reference to yatai in the modern sense is found as early as 1710. The word appears in an Edo-period sharebon, a genre of literature revolving around the pleasure quarters.[3] Yatai became popular and widespread in the Meiji period (1868 – 1912) and were two-wheeled pushcarts constructed of wood.[2]

Yatai are also set up temporarily for Matsuri festivals, selling foods for spectators, such as yakisoba, kakigōri, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki.

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