Yathrakarude Sradhakku

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Yathrakarude Sradhakku
Yathrakarude Sradhakku.jpg
Directed by Sathyan Anthikad
Produced by Milan Jaleel
Written by Sreenivasan
Starring Jayaram
Music by Johnson
Cinematography Vipin Mohan
Edited by K. Rajagopal
Release date
  • 20 December 2002 (2002-12-20)
Country India
Language Malayalam

Yathrakarude Sradhakku (Malayalam : യാത്രക്കാരുടെ ശ്രദ്ധയ്ക്ക്‌) is a 2002 Malayalam romantic drama film directed by Sathyan Anthikad, and starring Jayaram, Soundarya and Innocent in pivotal roles. The film explores the relationship that develops between two friends of the opposite sex living together for some time and then parting ways to lead separate lives. It was a criticism of the Keralite people's conservative stance toward relationships between men and women. Yathrakarude Sradhakku is one of Soundarya's final films before her death two years later in an aircraft accident.[1]in this film, the lines of kaithapram is tuned by Johnson [2]


Ramanujan (Jayaram) meets a software engineer named Jyothi (Soundarya) on the train returning to Chennai. She has been engaged to Dr. Pradeep (Sidhique) for many years. After they arrive in Chennai, Ramanujan asks his best friend Paul (Innocent) to find Jyothi a new home. Jyothi is not married and is therefore unable to legally own a home, so when she receives a home from Paul she lies and tells the owner that she is married to Ramanujan. When she has to leave the home, she stays at Ramanujan's house. They convince the neighbors that they are a couple. Ramanujan falls in love with Jyothi, but he understands that she is already engaged. She returns to Kerala for her engagement, and Ramanujan and Paul both attend the engagement party. Paul gets drunk at the party and tells everyone that Ramanujan and Jyothi were living in a single home together in Chennai, ending Jyothi's relationship and forcing her to marry Ramanujan.

Upon returning to Chennai, Jyothi stops talking to Ramanujan despite his best attempts to please her. He returns to Kerala one day and Paul tells her that Ramanujan's mother has died. Instead, Ramanujan brings Dr. Pradeep back to Chennai, saying that Dr. Pradeep and Jyothi can start a new life together if they wish. Jyothi understands Ramanujan's real love and pardons him, choosing to continue her life with him.



The film mostly received positive reviews. Veena Pradeep of the Deccan Herald said, "A new theme, good performances, Sreenivasan’s and Innocent’s comic interludes and some good music keep the audience engaged throughout the film."[3]

Box office[edit]

The film became commercial success at the box office.[4]


Yathrakarude Sradhakku
Soundtrack album by Johnson
Genre Film
Language Malayalam

The film features songs composed by Johnson and written by Kaithapram.

Song Title Singer lirics music
Nombarakkoottile Madhu Balakrishnan kaithapram Johnson
Onnu Thodanullil P Jayachandran kaithapram Johnson
Onnu Thodanullil [F] Jyotsna kaithapram Johnson
Vattayilappanthalittu KS Chithra, P Jayachandran kaithapram Johnson


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