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Yatir Winery
Location Tel Arad, Israel
Coordinates 31°16′41.53″N 35°7′37.37″E / 31.2782028°N 35.1270472°E / 31.2782028; 35.1270472
Wine region Negev desert
Founded 2000 (2000)[1]
First vines planted 1997
First vintage 2001[2]
Parent company Carmel Winery
Known for Yatir Forest
Distribution international
Website www.yatir.net
Bottle of Yatir Forest, 2005

Yatir Winery (Hebrew: יקב יתיר‎) is an Israeli boutique winery in Tel Arad, Israel. Yatir’s vineyards are situated on a hill 900 meters above sea level on the outskirts of Yatir Forest.[3]

The general manager is Ya’acov Ben Dor, a pioneer of forest agriculture, who initiated the planting of vineyards in 1997. Eran Goldwasser, a graduate of Adelaide University, Australia, is the chief winemaker.[4] The company is owned by Carmel Winery. As of 2012 current production is about 150,000 bottles annually.[2]

The winery began producing on two levels: Yatir and Yatir Forest, the latter being the winery's flagship series. In 2004, Yatir introduced a Sauvignon Blanc wine and the following year a single-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. In 2006, it came out with a varietal Viognier.[5]

Yatir's wine has received top accolades from critics such as Robert Parker.[6] It is the first Israeli wine to be listed in the main selection of Selfridges in London.[7]

On the grounds of the winery, 180 ancient wine presses have been discovered [8]

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