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Born est. 6th century CE
Died around 6th century end
Era Vedic period
Region Indian Subcontinent
Main interests
Prakrit mathematician
Notable ideas
Author of the Tiloyapannatti, which postulated different concepts about infinity.

Yativṛṣabha, also known as Jadivasaha, was a mathematician, and he was a Jain monk. He is believed to have lived during the 6th century, probably during 500-570. He lived and worked between the periods of two great Indian mathematicians, Aryabhata (476 – 550) and Brahmagupta (598-668). He wrote the book named Tiloyapannatti which describes cosmology from the point of view of Jain religion and philosophy. "The work also gives various units for measuring distances and time." Tiloya Panatti postulated different concepts about infinity.

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