Yatomi Station

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Yatomi Station
Yatomi eki 1.jpg
Yatomi Station
Location Uguiuracho Nakaroku 178, Yatomi, Aichi
Operated by
Opened 1895
Previous names Maegasu (until 1895)
Passengers (2006) 380,785[2]

Yatomi Station (弥富駅?, Yatomi-eki) is a railway station in Yatomi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 16.4 rail kilometers from the terminus of the Kansai Line at Nagoya Station and is a terminal station for the Meitetsu Bisai Line. The station's elevation is 0.93 m below sea level, the lowest among all above-ground stations of JR Group.[3]

This is one of the few stations operated by Meitetsu that does not accept Tranpass magnetic fare cards.[4]



Yatomi Station has a single side platform used by the Kansai Main Line, and a single island platform, shared by the Kansai Main Line and the Meitetsu Bisai Line, connected by an overpass.


1  JR Central Kansai Line for Yokkaichi, Kameyama and Tsu
2  JR Central Kansai Line for Nagoya
3  Meitetsu Bisai Line for Tsushima

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central)
Kansai Main Line
Eiwa   Local   Nagashima
Kanie   Semi Rapid   Kuwana
Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Rapid "Mie": Does not stop at this station
Nagoya Railroad
Bisai Line
Terminus - Gonosan


Yatomi Station was first opened on May 24, 1895 as Maegasu Station (前ヶ須駅?, Maegasu-eki), on the privately held Kansai Railroad. It was renamed to its present name on November 7, 1895. The Kansai Railroad was nationalized in 1907 and became the Kansai Line of the Japanese Government Railways (JGR). On April 3, 1898, Yatomi Station also became a terminal of a section of line operated by the Bisai Railroad, which was bought by Meitetsu on August 1, 1925, and in the process became a station on the Meitetsu Bisai Line as it is today.[5] The JGR became the JNR(Japan National Railways) after World War II. Freight operations were discontinued from October 1, 1980. With the privatization of the JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came under the control of JR Central. Automatic wicket gates using the TOICA smart card were installed from October 25, 2006.

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