Yatzeche Zapotec

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Yatzeche Zapotec
(Santa Inés Yatzeche)
Zegache Zapotec
(Santa Ana Zagache)
Native toMexico
Native speakers
(2,200 cited 1990 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3zpn

Yatzeche or Zegache Zapotec (Santa Inés Yatzeche Zapotec, Southeastern Zimatlán Zapotec) is a Zapotec language spoken in the Santa Ana Zegache and Santa Inés Yatzeche municipalities of Zimatlán District of Oaxaca, Mexico.

It is 75% intelligible with Ocotlán Zapotec. Tilquiapan Zapotec may be a dialect.[1]


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