Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque

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This article is about a mosque in Germany. For the mosque in Istanbul, see Yavuz Selim Mosque.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque
Mannheim Moschee
Basic information
Location Mannheim
Geographic coordinates 49°29′39″N 8°27′41″E / 49.49417°N 8.46139°E / 49.49417; 8.46139Coordinates: 49°29′39″N 8°27′41″E / 49.49417°N 8.46139°E / 49.49417; 8.46139
Affiliation Islam
Website www.ditib-ma.de/
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Modern
Completed 1995
Minaret(s) 1

The Yavuz-Sultan-Selim mosque is a religious building in Mannheim, Germany, named for Selim I. Until 2008 it was the biggest mosque in Germany, and attracts up to 3,000 Muslims every weekend.[1]

Since the mosque was opened in 1995, Muslim shops and youth centers have become a magnet for the Muslim community.[1]

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