Yaw Mingyi Monastery

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Yaw Mingyi Monastery
Yaw Mingyi Monastery.PNG
Yaw Mingyi Monastery is located in Myanmar
Yaw Mingyi Monastery
Shown within Myanmar
Basic information
Geographic coordinates 22°00′56″N 96°05′46″E / 22.015568°N 96.096170°E / 22.015568; 96.096170Coordinates: 22°00′56″N 96°05′46″E / 22.015568°N 96.096170°E / 22.015568; 96.096170
Affiliation Theravada Buddhism
Country Mandalay, Mandalay Region, Burma
Architectural description
Founder Pho Hlaing
Completed 1866; 152 years ago (1866)

Yaw Mingyi Monastery (Burmese: ယောမင်းကြီးအုတ်ကျောင်း) is a Buddhist monastery in Mandalay, Burma, built in 1866 under the patronage of Pho Hlaing, the Yaw Mingyi.[1] Unlike classic Burmese monasteries, the Yaw Mingyi Monastery was a brick monastery modeled after a hotel the Yaw Mingyi had seen while traveling in Southern Italy,[2] and as such, adopts European flourishes and is extravagantly carved in plaster.[3] It was located near the Salin Monastery.[3] The monastery was burned down all wooden infrastructure, remained only brick structure during World War II during the Allied bombing of Mandalay.[1]

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