Yaxun B'alam III

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Yaxun Bʻalam III
High King of Yaxchilan
Ballcourt at Yaxchilan, where Yaxun B'alam played ball
Reign 631 – 681
Successor Itzamnaaj B'alam II
Died 681?
Consort Lady Pacal
Issue Itzamnaaj B'alam II
Father K'inich Tatbu Skull III[1]

Yaxun Bʻalam III (also known as 6-Tun-Bird-Jaguar) was a high king of the Mayan city Yaxchilan from 631 until 681.

Family and Name[edit]

Yaxun Bʻalam's father was Kʻinich Tatbu Skull III.[2] The name of his mother is unknown.

Yaxun married Lady Pacal (sister of Lady Xoc), and their son, Itzamnaaj B'alam II, succeeded him as king.

It is generally believed that B'alam is the third Yaxun Bʻalam; "6-Tun" was later added to the glyph of his name, distinguishing him from his grandson, Yaxun B'alam IV (also known as Bird Jaguar IV).


B'alam ruled Yaxchilan from 631 to 681.

On the stairs of Temple 33, he is depicted as being on the eighth step playing ball on the date August 27, 636.

In either 646 or 647, B'alam captured a lord from the Hix Witz polity, a Mayan center. He noted the capital of the Hix Witz polity was located at Zapote Bobal during that time.


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Preceded by
Ah Kan-Xoc?
High King of Yaxchilan
631 – 681
Succeeded by
Itzamnaaj B'alam II