Yayangshan Dam

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Yayangshan Dam
Yayangshan Dam is located in China
Yayangshan Dam
Location of Yayangshan Dam in China
Official name崖羊山大坝
LocationPu'er City
Coordinates23°06′06″N 101°23′41″E / 23.101563°N 101.394732°E / 23.101563; 101.394732Coordinates: 23°06′06″N 101°23′41″E / 23.101563°N 101.394732°E / 23.101563; 101.394732
Construction began2003
Opening date2006
Owner(s)Yunnan Datang International Lixianjiang River Basin Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, concrete-face rock-fill
ImpoundsLixian River
Height88 m (289 ft)
Length236 m (774 ft)[1]
Dam volume1,380,000 m3 (1,804,972 cu yd)[2]
Total capacity247,000,000 m3 (200,246 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity134,000,000 m3 (108,636 acre⋅ft)
Power Station
Commission date2006
Hydraulic head80 m (262 ft) (max)[3]
Turbines2 x 60 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity120 MW

The Yayangshan Dam (崖羊山大坝) is a concrete-face rock-fill dam on the Lixian River, bordering the counties of Ning'er and Mojiang in Yunnan Province, China. It is located 56 km (35 mi) from Pu'er City. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and it supports a 120 MW power station. Construction began in 2003, the river was diverted in 2004 and the two 60 MW generators were commissioned in 2006. It is the first dam in the Lixian River cascade.[4][5][6]

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