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Sarawak Foundation
Type State statutory body
  • Sarawak, Malaysia
Vacant (upon death of YAB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem on 11 January 2017)
Haji Azmi Haji Bujang
Website Yayasan Sarawak

The Sarawak Foundation, also known as Yayasan Sarawak is a statutory body set up to help improve the quality of education of Sarawak. It is often associated with the provision of scholarships and study loans.


The Sarawak Foundation was established through the Yayasan Sarawak Ordinance by the Sarawak State Government under the leadership of Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Rahman Ya'kub, the Chief Minister of Sarawak at the time. He aimed to improve the standard of education amongst the people of Sarawak, and became the first Chairman of the Sarawak Foundation. Datuk Amar Abang Haji Yusuf Puteh, the State Secretary at that time, was appointed as the secretary to the Sarawak Foundation.


The background of Sarawak Foundation are:[1]

The foundation aims to become a world-class organization in providing assistance and support for the development of quality human capital and a better community. Six objectives are stated in the Sarawak Foundation Ordinance 1971;

  1. To grant scholarships or to provide financial assistance of any form to any person born in Sarawak, in particular, and to any Malaysian citizen, in general, to pursue their education in schools, colleges, universities or institutions of higher learning within Malaysia or abroad on such terms and conditions as the Board deems fit or proper;
  2. Actively to promote improvement of opportunities for education for the peoples of Sarawak in particular and Malaysia in general, both locally and in any institution of higher learning throughout the world, but especially the Universities in Malaysia;
  3. To grant, and arrange for the award by other bodies of, scholarships or other educational assistance for the peoples of Sarawak or any Malaysian citizen whenever it deems fit to do so;
  4. To give assistance and provide relief, to any person whose circumstances are, in the opinion of the Board, considered to be deserving of such assistance or relief;
  5. To provide assistance, by way of loans, grants or otherwise, to organizations or institutions which are organized and governed for scientific, medical, educational, welfare, social or charitable purposes;
  6. To make contribution and provide assistance towards the relief of national emergencies or calamities.

Activities and core businesses[edit]


  1. Local Scholarship Scheme
  2. Students Exchange Programme
  3. Matriculation Assistance Grant
  4. Yayasan Sarawak Bestari Scholarship
  5. Yayasan Biasiswa Sarawak Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship
  6. Bakun Trust Fund (TAB) Scholarship
  7. Skim Biasiswa Peringkat Sekolah Tabung Amanah Bakun
  8. Technical Trainings Early Assistance Scheme

Education loan[edit]

  1. Education Loan Scheme (SPPDN)
  2. Overseas Education Loan Scheme (SPPLN)
  3. Revolving Fund Scheme
  4. Computer Loan Scheme
  5. Technical Training Loan Scheme

Collaborative Projects with the Sarawak State Education Department (JPNS)[edit]

  1. School Uniform Assistance Programme
  2. Books Assistance Programme
  3. ‘Kemasains’ Programme
  4. Hipers Project (High Performance Rural Schools)
  5. The 'Anugerah Khas Ketua Menteri Sarawak'
  6. The 'Piala Emas dan Perak Yayasan Sarawak'
  7. The Yayasan Sarawak Excellent Students Award

Community Development Programmes[edit]

  1. Kembara Pendidikan Yayasan Sarawak
  2. Public Examination Seminars

Corporate Social Responsibilities[edit]

  1. Yayasan Sarawak Football Club and Academy (YSFCA)
  2. Yayasan Sarawak Debate Academy
  3. Yayasan Sarawak Taekwondo Club
  4. Yayasan Sarawak Badminton Club
  5. "Yayasan Ku Sayang" Kindergarten and Nursery


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