Yazgulem Range

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Yazgulem Range
Язгулемский хребет
Yazgulem RangeЯзгулемский хребет is located in Tajikistan
Yazgulem RangeЯзгулемский хребет
Location in Tajikistan
Highest point
Peak Independence Peak (Qullai Istiqlol)
Elevation 6,974 m (22,881 ft)
Coordinates 38°30′36″N 72°21′15″E / 38.5100°N 72.3542°E / 38.5100; 72.3542Coordinates: 38°30′36″N 72°21′15″E / 38.5100°N 72.3542°E / 38.5100; 72.3542
Country Tajikistan
Parent range Pamir Mountains
Type of rock shale, sandstone, limestone and granite

Yazgulem Range (Russian: Язгулемский хребет) is a mountain range of the western Pamir Mountains.[1]

It is located in Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province stretches for about 170 km between the Yazgulyam River and the Bartang River in the western Pamirs. The range rises in a north-eastern direction from the border with Afghanistan toward its highest elevation at Independence Peak, former 'Revolution Peak' (6,974 m). The average elevation ranges between 4,500 and 6,000 m. Glaciers cover about 630 km2 of the range, including the Fedchenko Glacier stretching northwards.

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