Yazid of Morocco

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Sultan of Morocco (more..)
Reign 1790 - 1792
Predecessor Mohammed III
Successor Slimane
Born Fes, Morocco
House House of Alaoui

Yazid (1750 – 23 February 1792) (Arabic: اليزيد بن محمد‎) was Sultan of Morocco from 1790 to 1792, and was a member of the Alaouite dynasty. He was born in Fes. Yazid's first order of business was persecuting the Jews of the city of Tétouan.[1][2] In deference to Yazid's father, Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah, the Jews of Tétouan denied financial support to Yazid and his effort to overthrow his father.[3] Observers remarked that Yazid authorized his "black"[4] troops to plunder Tétouan's Jewish quarter, historian Allan R. Meyers suggested the hereditary 'Abid soldiers were originally not sub-Saharan Africans but dark-complected indigenous North Africans.[5] Also during his rule, he continued allowing Shiite refugees from the Ottoman Empire to reside and become prominent in the country.

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Preceded by
Mohammed ben Abdallah
Sultan of Morocco
Succeeded by