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Yazutsu (矢筒)(やづつ) or Yadzutsu is a type of quiver used in Kyudo, Japanese archery,[1] using the Japanese longbow, the Yumi. It is generally cylindrical in shape, and zippered at the top, and appears something like a cylindrical holder of plans.

As Kyudo Ya (arrows) are quite long, the Yazutsu is quite long compared to quivers from other styles of archery.

Yebira yazutsu or yadzutsu 2.JPG

Traditional Yazutsu are made of cloth/satin or leather, modern ones are often made of synthetic material. They are often decorated with cord. In Kyudo the Yazutsu is generally just used to carry the arrows to the dojo. Once in the dojo, they are held in the hand or placed on the ground for actual nocking and shooting.

Traditional archers may use another type of quiver, the Yebira. This may be worn on the back, and is also used in modern ceremonial archery.


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