The Languages of the Peoples of the USSR

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The Languages of the Peoples of the USSR (Russian: Языки народов СССР) is a scholarly work in five volumes published in Moscow in 1967 by Nauka to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. The main editor was Viktor Vinogradov.[1]

The work describes the languages of the Soviet Union in individual chapters. The volumes comprise:

  1. Indo-European languages (Индоевропейские языки)
  2. Turkic languages (Тюркские языки)
  3. Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic languages (Финно-угорские и самодийские языки)
  4. Ibero-Caucasian languages (Иберийско-кавказские языки)
  5. Mongolic, Tungus-Manchu and Paleosiberian languages (Монгольские, тунгусо-маньчжурские и палеоазиатские языки)


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