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Ybycuí is located in Paraguay
Coordinates: 26°1′0″S 57°3′0″W / 26.01667°S 57.05000°W / -26.01667; -57.05000Coordinates: 26°1′0″S 57°3′0″W / 26.01667°S 57.05000°W / -26.01667; -57.05000
Country Paraguay
Department Paraguarí
Founded March 19, 1766
 • Intendente Municipal Eusebia Maria Del Carmen Benitez Diaz
 • Total 122 km2 (47 sq mi)
Elevation 70 m (230 ft)
Population (2008)
 • Total 20.887 hab.
 • Density 77/km2 (200/sq mi)
Time zone -4 Gmt
Postal code 4390
Area code(s) (595) (534)

Ybycuí is a Paraguayan rural community of the department of Paraguari, located 120 km away from Asunción, and 40 km from the Ruta una (Route 1).


Its name means “ Sandy “ in Guaraní.


Ybycuí is located 122  km away from Asunción.


The average year temperature is 21 C, the maximum 39 C and the minimum 2 C.


Ybycuí has a total of 20.887 inhabitants, from which, 10.756 are male and 10.131 are female, according to the last census of 2002. In the urban area there are 4.630 people and in the rural area 16.257 people.



San José church, the city patron.


Gral. Cesar Barrientos school is an important educational centre of the region.


Located 123 km away from Asunción, and 40 km from the Route 1 Mcal Francisco Solano Lopez.


There is in Ybycuí an iron casting foundry as well as the repository of arms Minas Cue, named as La Rosada, which happen to be on duty in times of Don Carlos Antonio López, where war marbles and tools were made, besides pieces of navy ships of the Paraguayan navy. During the Paraguayan War, bullets and guns were made at Minas Cue, but the allied troops took it and destroyed it. Now at La Rosada, there is a museum where tools used at the time are shown, as well as guns which were manufactured there. La Rosada is inside the National Park of Ybycui. Inside the Park there is also the Salto Mina, also called Salto Cristal, where you can take long walks admiring the fauna and flora of the region, and through the paths you can get to the Salto Guaraní. In Ybycuí we can also appreciate the Pozo Tatacua, with unknown depth, resides the Paso Ita. The ancient home of Bernardino Caballero is very visited by tourist who want to know more of the Paraguayan history. The School Farm Mamorei wants to make the population realize about the importance of taking care of nature.

Important People[edit]

Its most important sons are: - Gral. Bernardino Caballero,because he was born in Ybycui he is called the “Ybycui Centauros”. In the city, in his honor we have the Avenue and the National School”Gral Bernardino Caballero. - Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo, musician and composer, poet, and director, he was born in 1907. - The Vice-president, Facundo Machaín, was the founder of the Medicine faculty.


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