Ye Cracke

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Ye Cracke
Ye Cracke, April 2010
Location Rice Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Ye Cracke is a pub in Rice Street off Hope Street, Liverpool, England. The 'Y' is a Thorn (Þ), thus the name is pronounced 'The Crack'. Despite the faux Old English name, Ye Cracke is in fact a 19th-century public house. The War Room is a small room in the pub, which is the oldest part of the pub.

A collection of about 20 drawings of local buildings are displayed on the wall, and these all date from the late 1960s. It has historical connections with The Beatles (because it was frequented by John Lennon and his girlfriend Cynthia when they were at art school) and The Dissenters (to whom a plaque hangs in the bar).

Doctors Thomas Cecil Gray and John Halton conceived the techniques described in their 1946 book A Milestone in Anaesthesia while in the pub.

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