Ye Le Pagoda

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Kyaikhmawwun Yele Pagoda
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
LocationKyauktan Township, Yangon Region
Ye Le Pagoda is located in Myanmar
Ye Le Pagoda
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates16°37′46″N 96°19′27″E / 16.629366°N 96.324090°E / 16.629366; 96.324090Coordinates: 16°37′46″N 96°19′27″E / 16.629366°N 96.324090°E / 16.629366; 96.324090
FounderKing Bawgasena
CompletedThird century BCE

Kyauktan Ye Le Pagoda (Burmese: ကျောက်တန်းရေလယ်ဘုရား [tɕaʊʔtáɴ jèlɛ̀ pʰəjá], formally Kyaikhmawwun Yele Pagoda (ကျိုက်မှော်ဝန်းရေလယ်စေတီတော်) is a Buddhist pagoda located in Kyauktan Township, Yangon Region, on a small island in Hmaw Wun Creek, a tributary of Yangon River. The pagoda was built with many Buddha's relics inside.

Two things are noticed, the water level never rises to cover the pagoda, and there will always be enough room for everyone who come to visit the pagoda (meaning, even the pagoda has small room for visitors somehow it is always balanced out between those who is coming & leaving).

It is approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of Yangon. This unusual temple was built under King Bawgasena in the third century BCE.[1] The temple hosts an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and other fine demonstrations of Burmese Buddhist artwork and craftsmanship.



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