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Ye Xiu (Chinese: 叶修; pinyin: Yè Xiū) is the leading character in the novel The King's Avatar by Hu Die Lan. He is a professional player for the fictional multiplayer online esports game named Glory. Ye Xiu was born on May 29, 1997 in China's B city.

Ye Xiu is skilled at playing every class in the Glory, known as the Glory Textbook, shown through his use of numerous characters but known for his first main account, a battlemage, One Autumn Leaf and a unspecialized, Lord Grim. his other nicknames include Battle God, God of Glory, as well as One of Four Master Tactician. As one of the first players of Glory, he has created many of the tactics for the game and league, and a part of the first generation of players in the professional league. He led the team Excellent Era to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd season championships as well as the runner-up of the 4th Season, he will also eventually lead the grassroots team Happy to win the 10th season championship in the professional league making him the 1st person to win 4 championship and also the 1st person to win a championship with a debuting team twice. He is the first and only one to have won the three consecutive champion creating the first and only dynasty in the history of the Glory professional league. He has been awarded four Most Valuable Players (MVP), two Output star, one One hit kill, one heads-up King, and was selected as Best Partners with Su Mucheng for the four consecutive season from Season 4 to Season 7.

In the 10th season, his 45 individual winning streak from the regular season to the finals (37 consecutive victories in the regular season) set a record in the history of glory. He is the captain of the Chinese Glory Team in the first World Glory Competition.


Ye Xiu has a fair complexion. His face is pale and slightly puffy because of constantly staying up late. Ye Xiu is a heavy smoker and his symbolic posture is smoking. He can bite the cigarette but it does not affect the opening of the speech at all. Ye Xiu speaks straightforwardly, especially when he states his ability and points out the shortcomings of others.Ye Xiu also had the ability to say something that made the listener be able neither to cry nor to laugh while he said a very serious sentence. His words and manners are very strong to provoke irony, he is even called “ A face to ridicule”.[1]


Ye Xiu led Excellent Era Team to win the championship of the 1st to 3rd Season in the professional league. He was forced to retire by Excellent Era Team in the 8th Season, afterwards he becomes staff on the Happy internet cafe in front of Excellent Era. Through the work in the internet cafe, he found many potential novices and established a team named Happy and led the team to win the championship of the 10th season in the professional league.[1] He is also the leader of the Chinese Glory Team in the first World Glory Competition and led the Chinese Glory Team to the world championship.


On May 30, 2014, Chongqing Business Daily published "Who is Ye Xiu?" 200,000 netizens celebrated his life"[2]

Ye Xiu wins the men’s group champion in the domestic animation field by bilibili moe 2017.[3]

Ye Xiu wins the most popular original character of 2016 by 2016 Chinese Original Literature Billboard Awards.[4]


Chinese actor Yang Yang played the role of Ye Xiu in the 2019 TV live-action adaption of The King’s Avatar.[5]

Ye Xiu has been adapted to animation[6] , live-action[5] and comic[7]


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