Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C

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Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony in Deep C)
Studio album by
ReleasedMay, 1996
RecordedLaryy Place and Yleisradio Music Studios, Helsinki; September - November, 1995
GenreSymphonic death metal, progressive metal
ProducerMikko Karmila, Waltari and Riku Niemi
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Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony in Deep C)
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Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! (Death Metal Symphony in Deep C) is the sixth studio album by Waltari that combines death metal with classical music. Originally, Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! was written as a stage show. After the show's premiere performance in 1995 at the Helsinki Music Festival, it was recorded and finally released in May 1996.


Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! was written by Kärtsy Hatakka between 1992 and 1995. By the end of 1994, Hatakka got in contact with Riku Niemi, a Finnish conductor, composer and leader of Avanti! symphony orchestra. After Niemi became involved in the project, Hatakka finalized the work and Niemi arranged it for symphony orchestra. The premiere show was performed by Waltari on 22 August 1995 at the "Taiteiden Yö" festival in Helsinki (Helsinki Music Festival), Finland together with Avanti! symphony orchestra, conducted by Niemi.

After the stage show, Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! was recorded between September and November 1995, and in May 1996 the album Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! was performed once again in 1997 in Turku, Finland, supported by Turku Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately this was the last live performance so far, although a lot of fans all around the world (e.g. Brazil, India, Japan) would love to see it on stage. A video recording of the premiere show is available on Waltari's 'Waltari Fun Club Video Part 2'.


Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! features one main story encompassing the album. The story of a certain John Doe (played by Kärtsy Hatakka) whose life is being controlled by machines, specifically by a central "computer brain" (played by Tomi Koivusaari). An angel (played by Eeva-Kaarina Vilke) wants to help John Doe, and together they defeat the computer brain. However, without this controlling force, John Doe feels lost. He changes his mind and decides to save the computer brain. The story comes to a good end; the libretto states, "everybody simply decides to vanish into thin air and disappear into the pages of internet!"

In terms of style, Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! is quite different from Waltari's regular work. The music is mostly inspired by classical music, and modern elements (not limited to metal) have been added. The album features long passages of purely classical music, inspired by composers such as Beethoven and Sibelius. However, for most of the album, the music varies between "symphony orchestra with a backing death metal band" and "death metal band with a backing orchestra".

Track listing[edit]

1."Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C"

  • I. "Part 1: Misty Dreariness" (7:40)
  • II. "Part 2: The Sign" (8:33)
  • III. "Part 3: Deeper Into the Mud" (4:57)
  • IV."Part 4: The Struggle for Life And Death of 'Knowledge'" (3:35)
  • V. "Part 5: Completely Alone" (12:08)
  • VI. "Part 6: Move" (4:45)
  • VII. "Part 7: Time, Irrelevant" (7:56)
  • VIII. "Part 8: The Top" (6:06)"
2."How Long Can U Go?" (bonus track)2:35


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