Yeah Yeah (Bodyrox song)

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"Yeah Yeah"
Yeah Yeah.jpg
Single by Bodyrox featuring Luciana
Released October 30, 2006 (UK)
Genre Electro house
Length 2:37 (Radio Edit)
Label Altra Moda Music
Songwriter(s) Nathan Thomas, Nick Bridges, Nick Clow, John Pern, Luciana
Bodyrox singles chronology
"Yeah Yeah"
"What Planet You On?"
"Yeah Yeah"
"What Planet You On?"
Luciana singles chronology
"Yeah Yeah"
(2006) Yeah Yeah2006
"Bigger Than Big" feat. Super Mal
(2007) String Module Error: Match not found2007

"Yeah Yeah" is a song by British house duo Bodyrox, written as a collaboration between Bodyrox, Jon Pearn and Luciana. It was popularised in clubs by British producer D. Ramirez's remix, which became the backing for the radio edit, featuring Luciana. It has been described by both Nic Fanciulli and Paul Woolford as one of the biggest tunes in Miami and reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart, also charting in the Netherlands and Finland. It topped the UK Dance Chart for one week on 5 November 2006. In the United States, the single peaked at #15 on Billboard's Dance Airplay chart in its 10 March 2007 issue.

It is also featured on Miniclip's game "Up Beat", where it is in its hardest level.

Music video[edit]

The music video is available in both a censored and an uncensored form. Both versions feature Luciana and an assortment of young adults in a dingy room. Euphemisms including the connecting of microphone cables, spilling of milk are subtly woven into both versions of the video, and they conclude with Luciana dousing the room with petrol and sparking a cigarette lighter.

As the music continues, the young adults become increasingly aroused and start to make out with each other if in pairs, or rub themselves if alone;[1] in the uncensored version of the video, the behaviour extends into crotch clutching and bared breast fondling.[2]

Other versions[edit]

The song is used as the sampled background track in Cascada's 2011 single "San Francisco". The song is used in the Jaime Kennedy movie "Kickin' It Old Skool" during the hip hop dance challenge scene between the Misfitz and the Iced Cole crews.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Yeah Yeah" (D Ramirez Radio Edit)
  2. "Yeah Yeah" (D Ramirez Vocal Club Mix)
  3. "Yeah Yeah" (Electro Club Mix)
  4. "Yeah Yeah" (D. Ramirez Instrumental)
  5. "Yeah Yeah" (Video)
  6. "It's Like My Bodyrox" (Yeah Yeah vs. Tricky by Run DMC)

2017 version[edit]

In 2016, Dave Aude released an updated version of "Yeah Yeah", this time billed as "Yeah Yeah 2017" and credited as Luciana & Dave Aude. This version reached number one on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart the week of 25 February 2017.[3]

In a 16 February 2017 interview with Billboard, Luciana explained how she and Aude came up with the idea to remake the song: "I feel very blessed and grateful right now. I am literally doing high kicks around my kitchen table as we speak! 'Yeah Yeah' is the track that started everything for me. I have always felt so passionate about it, so when Dave Aude said to me, 'Let's do a new 2017 version,' I knew it had to be right, and I think we nailed it. This No. 1 feels like the icing on the cake for me."[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Dave Aude Extended Remix)
  2. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Dave Aude Radio Mix)
  3. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Tom Staar Extended Remix)
  4. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Tom Staar Remix)
  5. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Alex Acosta Drums Remix)
  6. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Alex Acosta Dub)
  7. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Tom Budin Remix)
  8. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Tom Budin Radio Mix)
  9. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Pandaboyz Remix)
  10. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Pandaboyz Radio Mix)
  11. "Yeah Yeah 2017" (Chocolate Puma Remix)


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