Yearbook of International Organizations

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Yearbook of International Organizations, established in 1910 and published under current title since 1950 is a reference work on non-profit international organizations. It is published by the Union of International Associations (UIA) since 1909, and is seen as a quasi-official source associated with the United Nations.

The Yearbook contains a directory of names and addresses, as well as profiles of organizations (historical and structural information, specifics on activities, events and publications as well as biographies of important members). It contains entries on over 67,000 most organizations active in about 300 countries and territories. Entries usually contain contact information, officers or representatives, date of creation, and goals. It profiles international both intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations, from formal structures to informal networks, from professional bodies to recreational clubs.

The Yearbook does not, however, include for-profit enterprises.

The Yearbook is published in five book volumes, on CD-ROM and online.