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Gender Male
Word/name Hebrew
Meaning May God live
Other names
Related names Jehiel
יְחִיאֵל (Yekhiyyel/Yeħiyyêl) (Hebrew)

Yechiel (Hebrew: יְחִיאֵל‎‎) is a Hebrew masculine given name meaning "May God live" or "God shall live".

Several people in the Bible have this name, including the second of Jehoshaphat's six sons, one of the Levites of the family of Heman who assisted Hezekiah in his work of reformation, the father of an Obadiah, and one of the sons of Elam.

Alternative spellings of Yechiel include Jehiel, Yehiel, Yechi'el, and Yiddish variants include Ichel, Ychel, and Echiel. The name may refer to: